Clare Weiskopf

Bogota, Colombia


Clare Weiskopf, director of documentaries, has been working on different social themes for more than ten years, ranging from the armed conflict in Colombia and sexual violence as a weapon of war to the spread of cumbia music in Latin America and Europe. She won the Simon Bolivar Colombian National Journalism Prize twice. She recently finished directing a television documentary series of 13 chapters about the end of the world and its current crisis, for RCN television in Colombia “2012: Chronicles of the End of the World”. In 2011 she won first prize in heritage photography, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture under the heading of “Cultural Heritage at Risk”, for her project “AWÁ”, about the massacre of an indigenous group in the department of Nariño. She was the assistant director of the television program “Especiales Pirry” for five years. She has worked for other colombian t.v. channels, like Señal Colombia and City T.V., and for Colombian production companies like Laberinto Producciones, Video Base and Vista Producciones. “To the Amazon” is her first length documentary project that is in development at the moment.