Cullen Blanchfield

New York, New York, United States


I’ve had the pleasure of growing up and living around the United States including Upstate New York, The San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, Dallas, and now New York City. This has sparked my curiosity about the variety of life experiences around the world, and how important it is to share those stories that aren’t easily accessed. 

I'm passionate about elevating stories visually. Whether it is an individual's life experience, a brand's mission, or simply a group's purpose, my favorite challenge is transforming these expressions into visuals. Cinematically representing an individual's emotional experience is my favorite challenge as a director and cinematographer.

Through a BFA Film Production degree from SMU, starting my production company, and working with acclaimed photographer and director Stewart Cohen for 2 years out of Dallas, I can bring a plethora of skills and experience to a production.