Randy Riddle


Public bio

In the 1990's, I independently produced three feature-length video documentaries.  "TLC: Year with a Leather Club" (1996) looked at a Greensboro, NC based leather/sm organization in Greensboro, NC involved with local LGBT and AIDS political activism.  "Goatboy and the Music Machines" (1997) was a work that dealt with a self-described "Radical Satyr", who was part of the queer Radical Faerie movement and who was a master restorer of antique mechanical music devices.  "Raider in Canada: Portrait of Sean Martin" (1998) was a documentary concerning the cartoonist behind "Doc and Raider", a popular syndicated gay cartoon series during the period. In 1999, I shot and edited, but did not release, a feature-length documentary on San Francisco radical sex photographer Mark I. Chester.

I hope to eventually do a video restoration of these works - they were shot on Hi8, but edited on early desktop video systems that only produced vhs quality work.  "TLC: Year with a Leather Club", was the first feature-length work edited in Adobe Premiere.  All of the documentaries are available in their original unrestored form for download and streaming at archive.org.

Since 2000, I have focused my work on researching the life and career of the gay female impersonator, Ray Bourbon, doing audio restoration on his surviving recordings and editing Ray's memoirs for publication.  In addition, I have done considerable work documenting and restoring original radio transcription discs from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s and working with Duke University to form a collection of these materials in their Rubenstein Library collections.

I have a BS in Public and Applied History from Appalachian State University and, for the past two decades, have worked for Wake Forest University and Duke University in the field of instructional technology and faculty instructional development.  My Linked In professional profile is here.