Casey Elliott

Los Angeles, California, United States


History nerd, world traveler, wildlife enthusiast, and lover of all things film and television (especially documentaries!). Born and raised in Oxford, OH, I am a very proud graduate of the University of Michigan's film school (Go Blue!).

As an experienced researcher, associate producer and clearance professional, I've worked on a variety of reality and documentary television and new media programs and series in various capacities over the past 10 years. But what I most love to do is historical research. Whether it's scouring through government archives, discovering rare collections, hunting for stock footage, or just finding the right people to speak with about a material or topic, I love a good challenge when searching for the best available material and factual information for a project.  I am fascinated by the perspective one gains through the study and research of our past and am always eager to expand my knowledge of historical topics, no matter the subject or time period, ALL history is interesting to me! I hope to be able to explore a career in historical documentary through this community, and am excited to connect with the amazing people who love and create documentaries!