Bryn Evans

Auckland, New Zealand


Although I’m best known in professional terms as producer and director, I feel the title storyteller is more appropriate. For over twelve years I’ve been honing my visual and written skills to help me best tell the stories I believe everyone should hear, to strike a chord with those who listen. Civil conflict, human rights, human interest and indigenous studies are the subjects that drive my passion most. Dealing with the unique challenges of working internationally, I take great care to consistently achieve a positive outcome. My projects have included working not only in New Zealand and Australia; but also in many diverse situations in Afghanistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, East Timor, India, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom, USA, Samoa, Solomon Islands, West Papua and Vanuatu. I’m well known for making television documentaries and programmes for local and international mainstream broadcasters and as a contributor to the current affairs programme 60 Minutes (TV3). Blue Bach Productions (Auckland) Ltd and Brave Star Films Ltd (I am a founding director of both companies) have produced ten documentary programmes for New Zealand broadcasters. .