Billie Mintz

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The ARC Institute (Artists Raising Consciousness) is a company that was created to advance the awareness of social issues through the creation of films tailored to a specific cause. The goal of these projects is to create new outlets for philanthropic progress; the individual pieces will convey the mandate of a given cause through non-traditional ‘storytelling’. By matching the talent of a specific filmmaker to the mandate of a specific charity, ARC will enable the creation of unique pieces of art that will provide an exciting new avenue for raising awareness as well as funds. If socially negative attitudes are challenged when a person is young, these viewpoints can be replaced with positive, socially responsible attitudes, thereby enhancing an individual's and a community's quality of life. Further to this, The ARC Institute believes in the ability of individuals of any age to absorb and respond positively to new information, which will improve the quality of their lives. The ARC Institute is composed primarily of two people. Billie Mintz is the founder and artistic vision behind ARC, and contributes a wealth of experience and industry knowledge in addition to his talents as an accomplished filmmaker. Jamie Bras brings his management experience to the team, as well as experience with philanthropic organizations.