Ben Talar

Warsaw, Poland


Polish indie filmmaker. He made his first 40 minutes long production in 2006. "C@ught in the net" was presented at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia (awards for acting and music in Gliwice). The film was broadcasted on Kino Polska and Canal+. In 2010 it was re-edited as "In the net", 10 minutes long short film. His next film was "Latino Cracow", nominated in 2008 for OFFskar - best documentary. It was broadcasted worldwide on TV Polonia. In 2008 with Jakub Póltorak he made "Deadly Recording" (starring Bodo Kox) and "Blind Fate" which is available on amazon.com on DVD. Currently Ben Talar is working on "Double Life" - documentary devoted to Polish look-alikes (Chuck Norris, Michael Jackson, Lech Walesa, Pamela Anderson, Liz Taylor).