Azadeh Tajpour

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Film Projects


Azadeh Tajpour is an visual artist and archival researcher. She currently works as an associate producer for A Big Sleep Films production. She has extensive experience as an archivist and research assistant with over 11 years at Women’s Worlds in Qajar Iran Digital Archive (www.qajarwomen.org) at Harvard University. Her short documentary, Gazing Through A Lens: Ali Khan Documents 19th-Century Iran (2018), based on a photo album, currently located at the Fine Arts Library of Harvard Library. It encompasses more than 1400 photographs representing the ethnographic diversity of 19th-century Northwest Iran. The documentary examines the changes in representations of women and how the inclusion and exclusion of certain subjects can reflect the underlying social norms. This film has been screened at Pendar International Film Festival: Iran Today, University of Virginia (2021), Aga Khan Documentation Center at MIT (2018), the Islamic Civilizations and Societies Programs, Boston College (2018), and Harvard Arts Museums (2017).