Alex Safos


Public bio

MIDDLE EAST & NORTH AFRICA EXPERT Arab World and Regional Socio-political and Cultural Observer with Applied Field Expertise Proven global leader with nearly 12 years of experience analyzing and engaging Middle East & North Africa cultures via multiple channels, including: the design, marketing, and management of cultural immersion, study abroad, and experiential education programs; management of multi-year, multi-discipline sustainable development programs encompassing new enterprise creation, cultural heritage preservation, and civil society strengthening; and seminal grassroots field experience in Morocco teaching English and launching an Arabic language institute. Diversified client base and relationship management experience ranging from students, parents, high schools, and universities to US and foreign government officials, foreign enterprises, and Global 2000 companies. Strengths: Exceptional degree of cultural sensitivity, global awareness, and self-awareness Versatility in function (strategy-to-tactics), language, and setting (domestic and international) Creative, unconventional problem-solver Innovative, pioneering, self-motivated, and results-driven Competitive and team-oriented Inspired by varied settings, characters, and dynamic situations Excellent writing, presentation, and critical thinking skills Areas of Expertise: Arab World Socio-political and Cultural Knowledge Arab World field and living experience Arabic Language Conversational Proficiency, General Linguistic Facility Cultural Immersion, Cross-cultural Exchange Experiential Travel & Study Abroad Program Design, Management, Measurement & Evaluation Sustainable Development Branding, Marketing, Advertising/Messaging & Communications Business Development Client/Relationship Cultivation and Management