Anne Goodfriend


Public bio

I am a recent graduate looking to gain experience in the Production field. Having spent the past years working on a degree in Media Studies I am interested in continuing my media education. I would, therefore, enjoy working any position, especially a Production Assistant or Assistant Editor position, in which I could gain new experience and develop new skill-sets that revolve around the medium of documentary film. I am a capable Final Cut Pro editor and have acted as a Production Assistant for many short films. I am familiar with all of the procedures of Pre and Post-Production. Additionally, I have a significant amount of experience collecting footage, on my own and as an assistant. I have been present on many sets, filling in for director's assistants, occasionally filming, and simply picking up slack where help is needed. I am also well versed in many audio editing programs and would be excited to continue building on this knowledge. I am a filmmaker. It all started in the Cultural Studies and Media department of Eugene Lang College. There I was trained and fully equipped with the best authors to do contemporary social critiques. I learned about the fetishized other, about injustice, about freedom as right to control your own opportunities, about gender and how it is a lie (or, well, an illusion). I got frustrated. I felt unable to control the world, as my influence is quite smaller than that of the six corporations that control almost all media outlets. How was I to have any influence? I started to take every media practice course offered by Eugene Lang (there aren't that many) and then once I had taken all of those I started to take as many possible at the New School. Now I was getting a grip on my influence, or the space where my influence would come. I wanted to start making my own media. No longer would I stand only as a theorist, the academe is not the place for me, I would now be creator, not a talker but a maker. Life seems always to guide you eventually. My interest in film really peaked after having applied to two production assistant intern positions at two small independent Documentary production companies. Needless to say, I took both internships. I realized that I truly enjoyed what I was doing. That it gave me freedom and a sense of creative productivity. Each new task was not necessarily stressful but an opportunity to learn something new and, the thing is, I always seemed to learn pretty quickly. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Still, I look forward to the future. I look forward to the hard work and the continued educational process.