Andrew David Watson

Queens, New York, United States


As the son of a carpenter and the grandson of an auto-body mechanic, I have instilled in my blood the urge to create, build, tweak and “make better.” Its from this hands-on DIY upbringing that I naturally fell in love with photography when I picked up a camera at age 13. 

Professionally, I have spent the last 10+ years working as a Director of Photography with top agencies such as Ogvily, KBS+, Draft FCB, GREY and editorial clients such as The New York Times and New Yorker. This work has taken me around the world (25+ countries) and has dropped me in every shooting condition imaginable. 

While working as a DP, the urge to create my own work never ceased, and I continued to shoot my own projects, developing my voice and style along the way. This led the way to directing opportunities for brands such as ETSY, Red Wing Heritage, The New York City Ballet and editorial clients such as The New Yorker. Thanks to multiple Vimeo Staff picks and web exposure, my directing work has received well over a million views. 

To this day, my toolbox is still filled with my grandfather’s vintage Snap On wrenches he left me when he passed. More importantly then tools, my senior generations passed down the values of hard work and dedication. Its with this work ethic and perseverance I approach every project I have the privilege to work on.