Amy Grumbling

Brooklyn, New York, United States


Amy Grumbling is a documentary filmmaker, and is the Workshops Manager at DCTV in NYC. She studied video production and forensic anthropology at Hampshire College. She spent a decade as a freelance producer, shooter and editor at Serious Motion Pictures in NYC, where she co-produced the award-winning feature documentary Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis, about an eccentric artist who encodes poetry into DNA and sends messages into outer space. She spent a season as the Associate Programmer at UnionDocs, a non-profit documentary screening/event venue in Brooklyn. Amy volunteered for three seasons at 826NYC (aka the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store), helping kids write and shoot short films, usually with puppets. She is an ACA certified canoe trip leader at the North Brooklyn Boat Club, and an apprentice beekeeper at the Green-Wood Cemetery.