Alexia Prichard

Hudson, Massachusetts, United States


I have been working in video production for almost 20 years, writing, shooting, producing, and editing. I have experience in all styles from reality to sports to biography to educational to documentary, and have produced content for all forms of distribution: broadcast, theatrical, DVD, and online. Some of my credits/clients include: Paula Abdul Sarah Susanka Lifetime Television Oxygen Media NoisePop Music Festival Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics NASA The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Chris Figler Laureate Education Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 3net Discovery History AOL News AOL Latino Black Voices (AOL) The Shadhika Foundation Discovering Deaf Worlds.

My first film "Soma Girls," about a home for the daughters of sex workers in Kolkata, aired on PBS/WGBH in 2009; my second film, "The Dirty Truth About Coal" was used in 2010 for The Sierra Club's national anti-coal campaign, and in 2011 was featured in online festival Culture Unplugged's "Green Unplugged" series. My next film is about traffic and human behavior. It's FASCINATING. You wouldn't even believe...

Currently, my "day job" is as Executive Producer at Facing History and Ourselves, a Boston-based educational non-profit that seeks to promote ethics and civic participation by teaching students that they're individuals, and that their voices and choices matter.