Anne Lewis

Austin, Texas, United States


Anne Lewis is an independent documentarian whose work reveals working class people fighting for social change. Anne was associate director for Harlan County, U.S.A.  She moved to eastern Kentucky and joined the Appalshop cooperative.  

Documentaries she produced, directed, and edited include: To Save the Land and People (SXSW); Justice in the Coalfields (INTERCOM gold plaque); On Our Own Land (duPont-Columbia award); Chemical Valley co-directed with Mimi Pickering (POV); and Fast Food Women (Judges’ Choice, London Film Festival). Other recognized work includes:  Evelyn Williams (Juror’s Choice, Black Maria Film Festival); Belinda (CINE Golden Eagle); and Minnie Black's Gourd Band (Retirement Research Foundation Silver Owl).

Robin D.G. Kelley said of Anne Braden: Southern Patriot (with co-director Mimi Pickering): “A magnificent portrait of the Anne Braden I knew: courageous, militantly anti-racist, and radical to the core. Anne Braden changed my life; this film will change yours.” was shown at the Library of Congress at Labor Lore and toured 16 cities in Mexico with the Ambulante Festival. Howard Zinn wrote of Morristown: in the air and sun (2006), "Brings the complex issue of globalization down to its human level -- where workers speak from the heart as they challenge corporate power in cross-cultural solidarity."

Anne teaches film editing at the University of Texas at Austin and serves on the executive board of TSEU-CWA 6186. Her documentary in progress is based on two stories from Texas labor history – the pecan shellers’ strike of 1938 and the Nacogdoches food service workers’ action of 1988.