Albertina Pisano

Milan, Italy


I am a 31 year old documentary filmmaker. I was educated in italy and spain in philosphy and film production. I worked as an author of cultural programmes before making my first doc BAILAORES, about four stars of contemporary flamenco dance in Spain. The film was broadcasted by several european networks and festivals worldwide. the doc got the prize for best Work at DocumentaMadrid in 2005.I have shot the documentary PAU DA LIMA, about social and political movements in Brazilian favelas, which was awarded the Bruce Chatwin prize. In 2007 I organized OFFLINE BAGHDAD (www.offlinebaghdad.org) a showcase of Iraqi filmmakers about life in Iraq after the war. The festival has toured in malta, and will be shown in other cities in the future...i am currently working as afree lance developing my doc projects for various production companies and am trying to coproduce my first documentary feature directed by iraqi filmmaker Hadi Mahood. The film is called COLLAPSE and it follows a group of Iraqi artists and intellectuals trying to rebuild cultural life in Baghdad.