Chahid Charbel Akoury

Beirut, Lebanon


born and raised in Beirut,Lebanon. graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Design, studied filmmaking in a foundation course at The European Film College. worked as a producer for Young And Rubicam Advertising (Middle east and North Africa). and as this is a documentary dedicated community i guess a list of my favorite docs would say something about me so here it is in no order of preference: Sans Soleil - Chris Marker Eye Above The Well - Johan Van Der Keuken Brass Unbound - Johan Van Der Keuken Amsterdam Global Village - Johan Van Der Keuken Salesman - Maysles Gimme Shelter - Maysles grey gardens - Maysles Memory of Berlin - John "the Godfather" Burgan Chelovek s Kino-Apparatom - Dziga Vertov Gaza Strip - James Longley Iraq in Fragments + Sari's Mother - James Longley Land des Schweigens und der Dunkelheit - Werner Herzog Être et avoir - Nicolas Philibert Hearts Of Darkness - Francis Ford Coppola Scott Walker 30 Century Man - Stephen Kijak Meeting People is Easy - Grant Gee Le Sang des bêtes - Georges Franju Wu Yong (Inutile) - Jia Zhangke Nuit et brouillard - Alain Resnais De Fem benspænd - Lars Von Trier/Jørgen Leth Tishe - Viktor Kosakovsky The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On - Kazuo Hara Punishment Park - Peter Watkins Stand van de maan - Leonard Retel Helmrich Titicut Follies - Frederick Wiseman Harlan County U.S.A. - Barbara Kopple Bob Dylan Don't Look Back - D.A. Pennebaker Les Glaneurs et La Glaneuse - Agnès Varda ...