Yonatan Lehman

Bet Gamliel, Israel

Film Projects


I started making films when I was 15 - these were real "films" - super 8 and cement, as opposed to video and Avid.

About 15 years ago, I bought a DV camera and got back into the world of making films as an enthusiast, initially for the family and eventually for the community and individuals.  

I worked in Hi-tech for 30 years as a Software Engineer and in the beginning of 2015 decided to escape from the "golden cage" and turn my passion into a career. Most of my knowledge is self-taught, I also did an editing course in the Jumpcut school for Editors. 

I am now in the process of setting myself up as a business, the main business is to make life story/biography/memorial/portrait/legacy films. I will also make corporate films, do free lance editing and anything else that comes my way. 

My “mentality” is editing, but I film as well, since most of my work is Solo.

I film using a Canon XA20 and edit in Avid and premiere pro