William Gagnadoux

Warsaw, Poland

Film Projects


Photographer, director, co-founder of the foundation World Wide Tribes Heritage:
After studying art, photography and audio visuals I worked for 5 years as the official photographer of the CIOFF festival of UNESCO.

Passionate in history, ethnology and anthropology, during many of the past years I went through the Middle-East in the footsteps of ancient civilizations. In 2004-2006 I made a journey through the Silk Road.

Since then I travelled throughout South - East Asia focusing on the ethnic minorities specialy the "High Hills Tribes" and making picture stories for the French and Polish press (Photo, Photo reportage, Glamour, Poznaj Świat, Machina, Foto...).

Now I work on a film documentary project "Indigo" and a miniseries about the "High Hills Tribes".
This documentary film has the ambition to contribute to spreading knowledge about the condition of tribes and ethnic groups and implement all the available resources to convince people that it is necessary to act in order to preserve our ancestral customs, to protect them against modernization and to secure a foothold for future generations. It is also an incredible source of information for the ethnologists, the anthropologists and the historians.


Indigo teaser :


Coming from multiple cultural horizons the team is very well prepared, we know the subject deeply, and have both- film,photographic and ethnographic education as experience.

The work of Edward S. Curtis is our reference and we want to work keeping the same spirit.

Today we are looking for producers that could help us to find the funds for the production of Indigo.