Tom Dowling


Public bio

Dance and Film Production Bio

Tom has been active within the arts since 2008. A latecomer to dance, he trained intensively in classical ballet for six years alongside his university education, until injury led to a development of interest in the production side of the medium. This in turn has recently combined with a love of photographic and film media, leading to the production of dance related material for the age of the internet and on-line video. In general his aim is take the classical ballet world out into the streets and to new audiences, targeting in particular those who may have never seen ballet, or think it not for them. This is achieved by combing classical ballet with new forms of media and music (c.f. Urban Ballet Cph).

In the photographic realm Tom’s style focuses on the detail within the urban or natural scene. Seeking to capture what others may glance over, an aspect unseen or a fleeting moment captured. When filming dance in an urban environment this translates into frames that seek to isolate and capture a specific aspect of the location- the dancer becomes the moving part in a snapshot of the city. At the same time the emotion of the dancer is informed by both the music and the place in which they find themselves.

The two primary current projects on which Tom is working are ‘Urban Ballet Cph’ and ‘For My Country’. Both of these are with his creative partner Minna Katz, a Danish director and film-maker based in Copenhagen.

Urban Ballet CPH takes ballet out into the streets, combining classical violin and dubstep, ballet and hiphop- to create a short film that takes you on a journey around Copenhagen and through the a dancers journey from rejection to acceptance. This film is currently in post-production.

For My Country is a documentary filmed in Israel- based on interviews with former soldiers of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). This documentary explores the influence of the Mechina (military aimed post high school finishing school in essence) on Israeli society and in turn the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Filming is in progress (shot over the course of a year).