Ted Faye

North Hills, California, United States


Ted Faye has produced documentary film projects for the past ten years. His work has aired on PBS television stations throughout the West including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Denver. He is recipient of the Western Channel Honorary Award, the National Educational Media’s Golden Apple Award, Four Houston Worldfest Gold and Silver awards and the ITVA Golden Angel award for work in documentary films. He has worked on historical programs which feature the desert regions of the United States including,“Death in the Desert” “Chasing the Rainbow, Adventures of the Desert Prospectors,” “The Great Desert Railroad Race,” and “The Twenty Mule Team of Death Valley.” He began his career producing music videos and video press kits for the recording industry. He has worked with the O’Jays, Huey Lewis and the News, Dave Mustain of Megadeth, John Fogerty, Najee and many others. Since then he has begun a variety of projects including “The Mom Squad”, a reality show featuring celebrity moms like Will Smith’s mom Carolyn, who are engaged in charity work. A feature documentary currently in post-production on “Basketball America” – examining the intersection between basketball and popular culture in the United States. Additionally he keeps busy with an independent series titled “Weird Tales”- which investigates odd stories from ancient underground cities to hidden UFO bases. His company, Gold Creek Films, is partnering with the state of Nevada to produce entertainment-based, narrative tour-guides and tour-guide DVDs for the rural towns in that state. Current projects include the history of America’s largest single mineral strike at Virginia City, Nevada and the story of one of the most maligned, yet intriguing creatures in the animal kingdom, the mule. He has also produced work on social issues including “Children of the Night” – a story of Hollywood runaways. And he is also working on a biographical project, partnering with Producer/Director Zatella Beatty to produce a documentary on the life of basketball superstar, Allen Iverson.