Talha Ahad


Public bio

Talha is a curious and contemplative Freelance multimedia journalist and documentary filmmaker. He is well versed in international politics and current affairs. He is a storyteller specializing in conflict, documenting social issues and humanitarian crisis in conflict-affected regions as well as covering national and international events. He direct, produce, shoot and edit. He had done assignments for MSNBS, VICE NEWS, GUARDIAN, SKY NEWS.

As a multimedia journalist & documentary filmmaker, his sense of adventure, curiosity and hunger for challenge fuel a passion for character driven documentaries. The human condition can be a precarious one and he refuse to be a mere spectator, so he uses his films as a way of challenging audiences while providing hope, understanding and a means to act.

Talha graduated from University of Hertfordshire with a Masters in Film and Television and hold a BA in Mass Communication. His work has taken him to many countries where he has gained valuable experience.

Currently based in Islamabad.