Skip Blumberg

Nyc, New York, United States


Skip Blumberg is an award-winning producer/director, cameraman and editor (with NYC Emmy’s for all 3), and recognized as a pioneer documentary and experimental videomaker, producing videos since 1969. Blumberg’s hundreds of independently produced performance and cultural shows and shorts have appeared on television networks around the world (Showtime, Disney Channel, PBS, Bravo, The Learning Channel), on the internet (MyHero.com, 21CF.org, MediaBurn.org, YouTube.com), in fundraising gala screenings (New Haven Free Public Library, The Tibet Center, NYC Outward Bound Center) and in the permanent collections of both Museum of Modern Art and Paley Media Center. Blumberg has produced and directed documentary and performance episodes and segments for PBS series Matters of Life and Death, Great Performances, and Sesame Street (more than 150 documentary and performance shorts) as well as cable networks series National Geographic Explorer (TBS) and Inside Space (Sci-Fi Channel). Blumberg has taught in media centers, schools and universities around the world; including University of Hawaii, Academy of Fine Arts (Bratislava, Slovakia) and ML King School (Dakar, Senegal). He is currently an Admissions Adjudicator for the New York State Summer School for Media Arts and Special Professor at Hofstra University’s School of Communication MFA Documentary Program. He is co-founder of HTVinteractive.com/DocMasters/ and Founder/President of Friends of City Hall Park (NYC).