Sigrid Helene Dyekjaer

Copenhagen K, Denmark


Sigrid Dyekjær began her studies of dramaturgy at Aarhus University in 1990 Denmark, and completed her studies in 1995. In the meantime, she had been a production manager and producer on several advertisements at Young & Rubicam Advertising company In 2000, she became partowner of Tju-Bang Film.This restarted her old dream of concentrating the place’s forces on its own film productions. Tju-Bang Film’s productions include: “Mechanical Love”, “The Monastery”, “Evertything is Relative” “My grandfarthers Murderer” and many more. When Tju-Bang Film was sold to SF Film in 2008, Sigrid moved on and in 2009 she became part owner of the production company Danish Documentary Productions, owned by Phie Ambo, Eva Mulvad, Pernille Rose Grønkjær and Mikala Krogh. She is currently producing documentaryfilms such as “The Good Life” by Eva Mulvad, “Love Addict- Not a love story” by Pernille Rose Grønkjær and “Free the Mind” by PHie Ambo at Danish Documentary Production. Besides producing films today, she is also a freelance teacher at the National Danish Filmschool, she holds masterclasses all over the world in development of documentaryfilms, as well as being part of selection commitees at different forums around the world, like Amsterdam Film Festival. She works free lance as consultant for Filmværkstedet at the Danish Filminstitute, has worked as consultant for the Beirut Film institute. She is the chairman of the advisory board for CPH:DOX festival. Today she has produced more than 20 documentaryfilms.