Hilary Kitzman

Southern, New Mexico, United States


Hilary Kitzman
Producer | Editor | Director

Hilary Rushnell Kitzman has been in the entertainment industry all her life. Her experience covers all aspects of production and post-production but her greatest love is as a storyteller. With a commitment to excellence, Hilary uses the medium of digital storytelling to ignite positive change in the world. Always eager to learn, Hilary just earned an MFA with Distinction from Ravensbourne University London in the area of Craft Editing which focused on creating strong, powerful stories.  She also attended the Sundance Collab Storytelling in Post in 2020. Her continued education has given her a fresh perspective as a digital poet.

For the past 12 years, Hilary worked from both Texas and southern New Mexico editing and filming corporate videos and documentaries for film, television and the worldwide web. Prior to that she was in Los Angeles for 17 years in non-fiction development, production, animation, and live events.