Sharon Hyman

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Described as a "one-woman film industry"(The Montreal Gazette) and “our Woodette Allen” (POV Magazine), Sharon Hyman produces, writes, directs, films, and edits her movies - and also stars in them! Sharon has been making what she coined “auto-documentaries” (turning the camera back on oneself to tell one’s own story) since her youth - using humor and candor to show a side of the female psyche rarely seen in the mainstream media. Her short films have been screened at international film festivals and broadcast nationwide. She is about to release her first feature documentary "Neverbloomers: The Search for GrownUphood" which attempts to answer the question, does anyone ever really feel like a grownup?? (There are early-bloomers, there are late-bloomers, and then there are what I call Neverbloomers - those of us still waiting for our grownup lives to kick in!)