Sarah Marder

Milan, Italy


I'm a corporate-manager-turned filmmaker, working together with Italian production company OLO Creative Farm on my first film, feature-length documentary THE GENIUS OF A PLACE. Filmed in the little Italian hill town made famous by book then movie 'Under the Tuscan Sun', our film examines a community struggling to strike a balance between economic growth and conservation of all that makes it unique, beautiful, livable and sustainable. The film features interviews with Frances Mayes, author of 'Under the Tuscan Sun', plus Jeremy Irons, Anthony Hopkins, director Abbas Kiarostami and many more thoughtful people either living or visiting Cortona, the town where 'The Genius' is set. Before beginning this film I worked for 22 years at Citigroup, mainly in Italy, where I ran the Corporate Communications and Community Relations activity for many years. I have a major in International Relations from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. I've lived in Italy since 1988 and have known (and loved) the town where we filmed THE GENIUS OF A PLACE since 1986.