Sarah Jayne Portelli

Zagreb, Croatia

Film Projects


Sarah Jayne is an Australian storyteller, film director and occasional writer for hire who calls Europe home. She began her film career in her home town of Melbourne during 2006 taking on various roles within the art department for film and television and has also worked on short films in Sydney.

Joining Nexus Production Group in 2013, Sarah Jayne moved to writing, directing and producing. From 2013- 2016 Sarah Jayne directed the short films Dusk, Anniversary and her most recognised work, Daughter, starring Katherine Langford. Daughter is selling through educational platforms in Australia and abroad.

Also in 2013, she was appointed assistant director of the Made in Melbourne Film Festival, which ran for nine consecutive years. Sarah Jayne handles the marketing of all projects and represents NPG during press engagements.

Sarah Jayne's feature film credits as a director/producer include Friends, Foes & Fireworks (2018), In Corpore (2020), Cats of Malta (2021) Machination (2021) and No Woman is an Island (2022).

As a keen storyteller and a valued member of NPG Sarah Jayne also pens outlines for and directs NPG's international short film series, Life Improvised and writes outlines and screenplays for the companies proposed works. The Life Improvised series thus far have been set in Berlin, Melbourne, Lisbon, Zagreb and Malta.

In 2019 Sarah Jayne became qualified in Character Based Improvisation–the Mike Leigh directing techniques –taught by Robert Marchand. Teaching improvised and traditional filmmaking classes online across multiple online platforms such as Udemy and Indie Film Hustle is also a passion driven pursuit.