Ralph Lindsen


Public bio

My name is Ralph Lindsen. I'm 22 years old and i live in the Netherlands. I'm finishing my 4th year at my school where i study audiovisual media. After the summer i'm starting a new study, audiovisual media at the art academy in Utrecht (the Netherlands). I wouldn't call myself a professional yet, i'm still a student, learning as i go. That didn't stop me to go into 'the real world' and do the stuff i love. And that's music. I play (bass)guitar, experiment with sound, see a lot of bands, listen to a lot of music and write about it in my fanzine Pinnacle Magazine (inspired by the 80's punk fanzine's). For the mag (and for my personal enjoyment) i try to interview the bands i love on video. And i've been pretty succesfull. I interviewed bands like Shellac (with Steve Albini), Medications, Blood Red Shoes, Be Your Own Pet, all bands that i love. And in june i'm going to travel to Paris to interview my favorite band (a long with FUGAZI), Mission of Burma! And because i'm sick of mishaps because i always have to 'hustle' equipment (i don't own a camera because i'm a broke student) i'm gonna loan money so i can buy a good camera for around 2000 bucks. While browsing the net for advice, i stumbled on to