Pamela Harris

Oakland, California, United States


Pamela Harris is a documentary filmmaker based in Oakland, California. Pam has worked in the documentary field for more than eight years. She was one of four co-directors on the film "Waging a Living," a PBS documentary about low-wage working families and oversaw educational outreach and engagement for the Oscar-nominated "Long Night’s Journey into Day" about South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission. She recently produced and directed "Land of Promise: The Story of Allensworth," a short documentary about a historically black town in California that faces the threat of encroachment by agribusiness. Prior to filmmaking, Pam worked in the non-profit sector with community-based programs as an administrator, development professional, program director, and counselor: work with physically and developmentally disabled adults, affordable housing, low-income artists and rape survivors. Pamela holds a B.A. in Sociology from Vassar College and a Masters in Journalism with a focus in documentary film from the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley.