Ove Rishoj Jensen

Copenhagen, Denmark


Ove Rishøj Jensen is a documentary consultant, producer and outreach manager. 

Working in the international documentary sector since 2003, Ove Rishøj Jensen has an extensive network within the industry. He gives lectures and run workshops about script writing, project development, international financing, co-production, impact, outreach and distribution.

In 2019 he launched his own company for documentary training and consultancy, entitled Paradiddle Pictures. Here he collaborates with partners like IDFA, Fresh Pitch China, Dix in Vitro, Mediterranean Film Institute, Nordisk Panorama and many others.   

Since 2011 Ove has worked for the Swedish production company Auto Images as Producer and Outreach Manager, which he continues to do.

From 2003 to 2019 Ove worked for EDN - European Documentary Network. Ove Rishøj Jensen has a master’s degree in film studies, with additional studying of cultural journalism and humanistic computer informatics.