Carolien Oosterhoff


Public bio

I have a blended background of colorful careers: I worked as a teacher (4 yrs), a consultant/trainer/coach (14 yrs) and filmmaker. This heterogeneity is an expression of my ‘Renaissance Soul’: I am curious, adventurous and talented in more than one area. More or less by chance I took up a camera in my late thirties and then fell wildly in love with the idea of documentary filmmaking myself. I realized that – having completed several degrees in other disciplines than filmmaking at that age – it would actually be an opportunity to group-hug my talents with my working experience. But I wanted more theoretical and technical knowledge in order to succeed so I went back to school. At 45, I finished film school.

The beta test is over. Slowly I have turned from an amateur into a professional. And just like good wine, I feel how filmmaking is an art that gains in savor and subtlety with life-experience and time. Currently I am a one-woman band (camera, sound, edit and storytelling) so I can get acquainted with every aspect of filmmaking. I expect to finish my first documentary in 2016 and while I work on that I love doing freelance camerawork / editing for my clients. For me documentaries are a wonderful tool to give direction to life and my biggest goal is to film that life-changing scene once.

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