Nick Story

Sao Paolo, Brazil


Am a director/cameraman/animator based in São Paulo Brazil. My company Story Productions is based in London. In the past we have produced reports for ITN, CNBC and recently the FT. I own and operate an XDCAM HD 350 here in Brazil. When the camera is not working, I take a pencil and start drawing and animating. I like to create and animate maps too. You can check my portfolio on http://www.vimeo.com/nickstory or http://www.youtube.com/storyunlimited . I am a UK/French/Austrian citizen with a portuguese/brazilian wife and speak those languages all at the same time on occasions. We have recently done some executive production for Best Boy Production and their "Soccer Shrine" series. My latest camera/edit work is viewable on the FT: http://www.ft.com/videos ( the report on agrobusiness)