Nezar Andary

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Nezar Andary is an Assistant Professor of Film and Literature at Zayed University in the College of Humanities and Sustainability Sciences.  Since Nezar’s early days as a Fulbright Scholar in Damascus Syria, he has worked in theatre and film productions and since his undergraduate at Columbia University, Nezar has been curating film festivals and film series. Nezar earned his Ph.D in Comparative Literature from UCLA, with a focus on the representation of Arab history in contemporary film and literature. This led to teaching courses in the Humanities, Film Studies, Drama, Film Production, and Creative Writing at Zayed University and UCLA.  At Zayed University, he led students to produce films about diverse Abu Dhabi cultures and organized many cultural and intellectual events on campus. Nezar was Artistic Director for Anasy Documentary Awards in 2010, and currently is Artistic Director for the forthcoming documentary series Perspectives and Retrospectives in May 2013.  Recently in March 2013, he organized a panel on Middle East Film Studies as co-Chair of the Middle East Studies Caucus for the Society of Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Chicago. For the last two years, he has written papers on the relationship of Arab Cinema to recent Arab uprisings.  He has published literary translations, poetry, articles on Arab documentary, and most recently working on a narrative of teaching the book Orientalism in four different cultures.   For the last seven years in Abu Dhabi, Nezar has been quite active in many cultural and intellectual activities such as directing a multilingual play for the Abu Dhabi Book Fair and organizing an Environmental Documentary Series.