Mika Kiburz

Los Angelas, California, United States


Originally from Chicago, Mika is an award winning documentary filmmaker, having completed more than 30 short films and videos. Her non fiction work has screened at festivals internationally. She studied Cinema and Spanish at the University of Iowa, and as an avid traveler, has since lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Moab, Utah, Hawaii, Garberville, CA and Los Angeles. In addition to video, she’s worked with 16mm film alchemy and studied many forms of photographic image making and exhibition. Her previous documentaries range in topic from women in dada, feminism in contemporary Buenos Aires, Child labor activism, the Unification Church movement, motherhood and theology, Cleopatra’s sculptural immortality through tooth decay, the history of Earth First! and its heroine, to an eco-village’s youth circus in Hawaii. Thematically, she explores concepts such as, whimsy, wonderment, quantum physics, chemistry, the natural world in all its splendor, complex desires, oneness, separateness, the beautiful grotesque, movement, illusion of movement, tactile light, awareness, awakening, and boundaries. Besides making films, Mika is involved in helping run several film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival, and enjoys spending time outdoors, bicycling, hiking, camping, organic farming (backyard chickens), nutrition, and juggling.