Merajur Rahman Baruah

New Delhi, India


Merajur Rahman Baruah is an independent documentary filmmaker. For last ten years he has been involved in making documentaries and television program in various capacities. He has received the Commonwealth vision award 2006 as commanded for his film “Beyond the Zero Line” from the Royal Commonwealth Society United Kingdom. He has also received the best director award for his film “Shifting Prophecy” at the Hyderabad International film Festival 2008. Filmography: 1. Breaking Silence-A defining saga of women’s empowerment and change (2008) 2. Pageant in Painted Scenes (2008) 3. Song of the Sanctuary: (2007) 4. Beyond The Zero Line: (2006) 5. Shifting Prophecy: (2007) 6. Setubandh( Gulfing the Bridge) (2006) 7. Signpost of the Times- The Golden Trail (2005) 8. Sculpting in Time (2005