Dieter Matzka

Munich, Germany

Film Projects


DIETER MATZKA Born in Znaim/Czechian Republic. 1957-60: Apprenticeship at the motion picture laboratory Bavaria-Atelier-GmbH. Since 1960 work as assistant cameraman, operator, director of photography and film director-cameraman in about 350 films and programs from all kinds of genres (fiction films, tv-, ballet-, opera- and concert-programs, industry films, commercials, documentaries and shows) with directors such as Fritz Umgelter, Franz Peter Wirth, Peter Lilienthal, Franco Enriques, Robert Aldrich, Herbert von Karajan, Johannes Schaaf, Peter Zadek, Axel Corti, and many more. Shootings in more of 40 countries around the world. 1972-1974: Filmproduction together with Gerard Vandenberg. Work as coproducer of several programs. Since 1984 joint production MATZKA-KIENER-FILMPRODUKTION with Dr. Wilma Kiener / filmography and CV Dr. Wilma Kiener see – www.matzkakiener.de. On-going work as cameraman in other productions. Consulting for shootings in Ghana. Lecturer and instructor for the work as Cameraman, Dramaturgy with the Camera, Music in movies and documentary films in countries like Germany, Afghanistan, Ghana, Austria, Italy, Pakistan, Lithuania 1990 member of the board of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dokumentarfilm (association of the German documentary filmmakers – ag dok ). 1996 founded the promotion label „German Documentaries“ together with Dr. Wilma Kiener. For many years representantive for the German documentary filmmakers on international film markets like MIP, MIP COM, SUNNY SIDE MARSEILLE, TORONTO, AMSTERDAM Resigned from ag dok December 1999 Since 2003 member of Ghana Academy of Film and Television (GAFTA) Joint activities: EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY FILM & TV CONGRESS „YOU MUST SHOW HOW A ROSE SMELLS“ Munich, 23rd - 25th June 1999 Developing and Organisation together with European Documentary Network EDN in collaboration with Münchner Filmfest GmbH. FFF-Bavaria, Governement of Bavaria, VG-BildKunst –Copyright Association, MEDIA Bruxelles, FFG-Baden-Württemberg, Minitry for Foreign Affairs, SOROS Open Society Instute - New York, BKM-Berlin, City of Munich