Mary Umans


Public bio

Mary Umans, director of the documentary DISPLACED, was fortunate enough to become involved in the Lithuanian Club in St. Petersburg, Florida.  There she heard some incredible stories from adults speaking as children of the displacement their families endured, driven from their homeland to escape the tyrannical rule of our WW2 ally “Uncle” Joe Stalin and the Soviet Union.  She knew this story had to be told.   A collector of stories all her life, she made the transition from the written word to the visual one.  DISPLACED has been accepted by the London International Filmmaker Festival and is beginning a series of showings at Lithuanian community organizations around the country.  Her short film, The Braddock Boys, was in the Manhattan Film Festival, and has been shown at community events, on public access television, and is part of the permanent collection at the Floral Park library in New York City.  www.thebraddockboys@weebly.com