Mark Page

Los Angeles, California, United States


For over 20 years Mark Page has worked as a producer and writer on high-profile documentary projects for PBS, Lucasfilm Ltd./Paramount Pictures, The History Channel and others. In addition to working as a freelance writer/producer he also served for 13 years on staff at Quest Productions, the Bay Area’s most prolific producer of programming for PBS, and for 4½ years as a staff producer for George Lucas’ documentary unit at Skywalker Ranch. His latest project, SEX IN ’69: THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION IN AMERICA premiered on The History Channel on July 27, 2009. A partial list of Page’s credits includes: SEX IN `69: The Sexual Revolution in America Producer/Writer A two hour special that takes an entertaining look at the people, events and movements that made 1969 a transformative year in America’s sexual history (For Telling Pictures and The History Channel) RISE OF THE MOGULS: The Men Who Built Hollywood Producer/Writer The story of a band of ambitious immigrants who chased the American Dream from Eastern Europe to Southern California and created the Hollywood studio system. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) IRVING THALBERG: Hollywood’s Boy Wonder Producer/Writer The meteoric rise and early death of the young man who shaped the way movies were made during Hollywood’s golden age. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) ANTHROPOLOGY: Looking at the Human Condition Producer/Writer Anthropology’s goals and methods are revealed through a profile of a young anthropologist doing fieldwork with low-riders in Austin, Texas. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) THE ORIGINAL GANGSTER: Al “Scarface” Capone Producer/Writer How a petty thug from Brooklyn transformed himself into Chicago’s top crime lord and America’s model mobster. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) BRONISLAW MALINOWSKI: God Professor Producer/Writer A biography of the brilliant and controversial scholar credited with creating theories and fieldwork methods central to the practice of anthropology. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION: Legendary Fighting Force Producer/Writer A look inside an unusual army that survives in the 21st century by clinging to its 19th century legends (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) BLOOD RED: The Life and Death of Manfred von Richthofen Producer/Writer The rise, disillusionment and fall of a man who remains the world’s most famous fighter pilot nearly a century after his death. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) WAR IN THE THIRD DIMENSION: Aerial Warfare in World War I Producer/Writer A look at how a few daring pilots and their far-sighted commanding officers developed enduring theories and techniques for a whole new way of waging war. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) WAGING PEACE: The Rise of Pacifism Producer/Writer The search for new ways to resist war in the wake of the failure of earlier efforts to prevent the outbreak of World War I. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) READING THE ENEMY’S MIND: Espionage in World War I Producer/Writer How innovations developed during World War I allowed spies on all sides of the conflict to gain unprecedented insights into their enemy’s plans. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE: Pancho Villa & the American Invasion of Mexico Producer/Writer The story of the charismatic revolutionary and the quixotic invasion he sparked with a shocking 1916 raid into American territory. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) ANCIENT QUESTIONS: Philosophy & Our Search for Meaning Producer/Writer An exploration of Philosophy’s roots in ancient Greece and its ongoing role as a powerful tool for understanding our world and place in it. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) AMERICAN ACHILLES: General George S. Patton Jr. Producer/Writer The story of the brilliant general who helped lead American forces to victory in World War II, only to be defeated by his own demons. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) BRAQUE & PICASSO: A Collaboration3 Producer/Writer The friendship of two great artists whose intensely competitive collaboration transformed modern art by giving birth to Cubism. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) AMERICAN DREAMS: Norman Rockwell and the Saturday Evening Post Producer/Writer America’s favorite artist and the magazine covers that shaped the way Americans think about themselves and their nation. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) EDGAR DEGAS: Reluctant Rebel Producer/Writer The conflicted life of Edgar Degas and how those conflicts shaped his role as one of modern art’s most reluctant rebels. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) ART REBELLION: The Making of the Modern Producer/Writer How a series of daring French painters from Courbet through Cezanne helped to create modern art. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) FROM SLAVERY TO FREEDOM Producer/Writer Stories of slaves and masters illustrate the Western World’s changing attitudes toward slavery from ancient times to today. (For Lucasfilm & Paramount) MUHAMMAD: In the Footsteps of a Prophet Consulting Writer A two-hour PBS documentary from Kikim Media and Unity Productions on one of the most influential men who ever lived and his continuing impact on some of his American followers. (National broadcast on PBS on December 18, 2002.) WHAT ABOUT GOD? (Final episode in the seven-part PBS series EVOLUTION) Writer (Story by Mark Page; telescript by Bill Jersey and Mark Page) One-hour documentary for WGBH-TV and PBS on America’s ongoing struggles over evolution and creationism. (National PBS Broadcast in September 2001) THE NEXT BIG THING Writer One-hour look at the past and the present in order to gain insights about the technology of the future, for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. (National PBS broadcast: January 10, 2001) STOPWATCH Co-producer/Writer One-hour documentary on the life, career and continuing impact of Frederick Winslow Taylor, America's first efficiency expert, for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. (National PBS broadcast: November 7, 1999) NAKED TO THE BONE Associate Producer/Writer One-hour documentary look at the history of medical imaging, for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. (National PBS broadcast: September 30, 1997) CRIME AND PUNISHMENT IN AMERICA Associate Producer/Segment Producer Two-hour documentary for KCET-TV Los Angeles and PBS. (National PBS broadcast: January, 1997) THE WAY IT WAS Associate Producer/Writer A nostalgic one-hour look at old San Francisco and some of her lost landmarks for KQED-TV San Francisco. (Broadcast: June, 1995) LOYALTY AND BETRAYAL: The Story of the American Mob Associate Producer A four-hour non-fiction special for FOX Television (National broadcast: July, 1994) RENAISSANCE: The Dissenter; The Prince Associate Producer/Writer/Researcher Two episodes of a five-part series. (National PBS broadcast: 1993) SUPER CHIEF: The Life and Legacy of Earl Warren Associate Producer/Archivist A 90-minute biography of the 20th Century’s most influential Chief Justice. Nominated for an Academy Award National Emmy Award Nomination: Mark Page & Sharon Wood for Outstanding Achievement in Research