Marcus Gardner

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States


I started to self-teach myself documentary at the Teaching Drum wilderness school and spearheaded a video department at the school.  After a number of informational/advertising shorts I finished the feature-length, "The Inner Tracker," an archival-footage film chronicling a 3-day discussion between students of different animal tracking schools in 2002.  The film is available for free online at: http://www.theinnertracker.com

After filming 350 hours of a long-term wilderness survival program I left the school, and am now living in the city of Milwaukee where I am freelancing; blending documentary and commissioned work.


I work at the Teaching Drum Outdoor School in northern Wisconsin and I'm making it possible for us to share what we do in both short youtube videos as well as longer documentary-style feature films. I have a passion for how metaphor and deeper listening allow people to see past superficial differences in personality and beliefs and sharing that with people through video is my ultimate goal.