Chai Locher

Amsterdam, Netherlands


With a background in Physics and Russian Language Chai Locher (Amsterdam, 1973) studied Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam and Directing Documentaries at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy. He became an all round filmmaker, directed short fiction films and commercials and worked on several documentaries, as director as well as producer. He graduated film school with a short documentary essay about people who are looking for fossilized shark’s teeth (Searching). The film was received well both inside and outside the film academy. It had its world premiere in the First Appearance Competition of the renowned International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) and was screened on national television, in theatres in Holland and on festivals around the world. Chai Locher founded his own production company (Visionat Films, for corporate media and documentary films) to give him the ability to create more films. He is now working on three longer documentary projects, amongst which a project in Syria and a project called ‘A Way out of the War on Terror’, for the current affairs slot Backlight of Dutch public broadcaster VPRO Besides this he teached Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam, and together with Canadian filmmaker Peter Wintonick he organised masterclasses, debates and talkshows at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). He is chairman of the board of the Dutch organization of New Film and Television Makers (NFTVM)