Lisa Madison

Brooklyn, New York, United States


Lisa Madison grew up in rural New Mexico on a vineyard, but has made her home in the bustling city of New York.

After getting her MA in Media Studies at the New School in NYC, Lisa discovered her passion at the intersection of online organizing and documentary film. She cut her professional teeth on FRESH, a documentary about the sustainable food system, and developed an entirely new grassroots distribution model for the film, resulting in thousands of screenings around the world and a powerful supporter network.

After FRESH Lisa continued to consult filmmakers on the implementation and use of online organizing tools, recognizing the utility in using online political organizing tools like Salsa and NationBuilder for documentary filmmakers. In 2011, she decided to further explore her entrepreneurial impulses and co-founded the production company StoryKeep, which records and preserves family memories and stories through film and audio documentaries. She shot, edited and produced approximately 15 films ranging from 5 minutes to 50 minutes for private clients for StoryKeep.

The experience of building StoryKeep was nourishing and empowering but Lisa decided to that she missed the satisfaction of helping documentary filmmakers turn their films into tools for change through grassroots organizing. When she met Christina in 2013 and was presented with the opportunity to act as cinematographer for Bought, Sold and Returned, she jumped at the chance to get back into the documentary filmmaking world. She sold StoryKeep in early 2014 and today makes films, consults filmmakers, nonprofits and individuals in how to maximize their online presence, build out-of-the-box film distribution platforms and command the attention of the audiences they desire. You can learn about her other projects at lisamadisonconsulting.com