Linda Ann Eknoian

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Linda Ann Eknoian is a multifaceted artist residing in Boston. She recently earned her Masters Degree in Media Arts from Emerson College and has just completed her first project, Snap Shots of My Life, a documentary short about a local filmmaker. This documentary takes an intimate look at her trajectory from growing up in the projects, to making socially conscious films as an adult and teaching media production to inner city youth. Linda is also producing and directing a feature documentary, In The Line of Duty, focusing on the Boston Fire Department, Division One. The film will explore the life in the fire house and what it takes to be a firefighter. She is currently in pre-production for this project. She is also producing a documentary short, Occupy Boston, which focuses on the Boston Movement, their message(s)and concerns. The film includes interview from several Boston Occupiers at Dewey Square, Boston and two marches. Linda recently participated in the 48 Hour Film Project, in Boston, Massachusetts. and was the associate producer, editor and lead role for Haunted In Depth, a short narrative comedy piece, which was partly filmed in 3D. The film was produced and directed by Don Warnock and shot at the Salem Nightmare Haunted House. Linda's website is http://lindaeknoian.com/ Awards & Recognition Linda has received several video and recognition awards for her work. They include the Hometown Video Festival, Overall Excellence in Public Access, 2005 and 2001, "featured producer" for Rappin' With Linda E! The Black History Festival 2003 awarded for Rappin’ with Linda E! – Basketball or Broadway; the Mary Miller Appreciation Award – Dedicated service in public access television in 2008. Performance Experience Linda's performance experience includes hosting and producing her cable access talk show, Rappin’ With Linda E! Her guests includes, variety of artists and entertainers. She has worked in many independent films including: Haunted In Depth (Lydia), Boston Accent Films; Spaghetti & Matzo balls (Vinnie's Widow), Maven Productions; Follow the Broccoli (Beverly), CJ Productions; Little Shots of Happiness (Rita), Bangor Films - Official Selection 1997 Berlin Film Festival. Linda's feature film background work includes Underdog, The Departed, 27 Dresses, The Box, Gone Baby Gone, The Town, The Zookeeper, HouseSitter (Becky's Friend) and many more films. She is member of Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). Linda's theatre experience includes dramas, comedies and musicals: When Deborah Met Sammy (Deborah), New Works Festival; The Hollow (Lady Angkatell), The First & Second Stringers; The Sea Gull, (Petrusha Sorin), New Theatre, Inc. Company; Chapter Two (Faye), The Harrison Project; Twelve Angry People (Juror #4), Riverside Theatre Works, Funny Girl (Mrs. Strakosh), Riverside Theatre Works; Death of a Salesman (Jenny & Letta), The Mass Bay Players. Linda's IMdB site is http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0252504/ Music Experience Vocal Range: Soprano. Linda's musical experience includes choir performances at Patriotic Night with The Pops (Boston Pops Gospel Choir), Charles Floyd, Conductor with Keith Lockhart, Conductor & The Boston Pops Orchestra; Corporate Opportunities (BankBoston Chorus), Lois Van Dam, Music Director with The Boston Lyric Opera & Stephen Lord, Conductor with Boston Bar Association Orchestra. She is currently studying music production and technology with Sean Hagon. She has performed the works of Beethoven, Chopin and Mendelssohn in several recitals. Recordings A Splash of Pops, (Boston Pops Gospel Choir) Charles Floyd, Conductor with Keith Lockhart, Conductor & The Boston Pops Orchestra. Create a free website with