Lilly Rivlin

New York City, New York, United States


The ‘personal is political’ is expressed in the documentaries Lilly Rivlin has produced, directed and wrote: including Esther Broner: A Weave of Women, (2013) Grace Paley: Collected Shorts, (2010); Can You Hear Me? Israeli and Palestinian Women Fight for Peace (2006); Gimme a Kiss (2000); Miriam's Daughters Now, aired on PBS and Israel TV (1986); The Tribe, CUNY TV (1983). She contributed to such works as Expulsion and Memory (1995); Full Circle (1995); If Not Now When? (1988); Pillars of Fire, Israel TV’s 18-part series on the history of Zionism (1983); The Jews - a series commissioned by David Puttnam and Sandy Lieberson (1970-72).