Laurie Ann Schag

Los Angeles, California, United States

Film Projects


Laurie Ann Schag - A native Californian of Hispanic descent, Laurie Ann has worked in international film and TV production since 1991. With her own entertainment marketing and production firm, Laurie Ann has worked extensively in the United States, Latin America, Brazil and Europe for such companies as Netflix, Columbia-TriStar, HBO Hungary, Televisa and on international joint ventures Cinecanal and Telecine for Fox, Paramount, MGM, Universal, Multivision, Mexico and GloboSat, Brazil. She has consulted on post production, distribution and marketing for the films; Chevolution, Crude, The Baader Meinhof Complex, Naco es Chido, 180° South, Los Que Se Quedan, Yellow, The End of The Line and A Day Without A Mexican. Her first feature documentary, Great Day in Havana, was released in 2001. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the International Documentary Association and as consultant for The William C. Velasquez Institute, The Southwest Voter Registration Education Project and The National Latino Congreso.