Kristin Irwin


Public bio

The Law Office of Kristin Irwin provides the folowing:

• Negotiate, draft and/or review a wide variety of agreements, including production, employment, rights/licensing, development, distribution, corporate formation, investment, settlements, releases, and corporate affiliations in the areas of new media, radio, syndicated/network/cable/paid programming, film and literary

• Represent production companies, talent, producers, and executives in numerous matters, including content/production/development issues, conflict resolution, SAG/AFTRA regulations, intellectual property rights, and separation of employment

• Consult with clients on demo reels, resumes, job search strategies, employment issues, and career development

In addition, the Law Office of Kristin Irwin is retained by Ken Lindner & Associates as Chief Corporate Counsel to:

• Manage all KLA Business and Legal affairs, handling over 2,000 contracts

• Act as co-agent to Ken Lindner’s clients, assisting them with workplace issues, management disputes, career strategies, SAG/AFTRA issues and overall representation

• Train and supervise KLA agents in negotiation, contracts, and client representation

• Advise C.E.O. Ken Lindner in the areas of corporate planning and strategy and the development of short- and long-term company goals, and assist in the implementation of such goals

• Manage all legal corporate matters, including corporate leases, employment disputes, settlements and releases, filing and oversight of any legal action necessary to recover commissions due from defaulting clients

• Advise Human Resources on KLA employee matters