Kristen DiAngelo

Sacramento, California, United States

Film Projects


Through out my life I have worn many hats...and today, it just happens to be producer. Escort, Courtesan, writer and entrepreneur have been the names that I’ve most often hung on my door (a euphemism of course)... I have worked in the sex industry since my teens and have often thought that I would jump over into the what we call “the real world”. However, after a lifetime of being here, I am finding that my skill set doesn’t easily translate into a new career that would in anyway replace this one. In fact it became apparent that I would either have to erase my past or embrace it...and of course, I can never be accused of taking the easier path. I have thought long and hard about what a bio of mine should include...and all I could think is - Watch the movie... My life has been filled with hills higher than most can imagine and valleys lower that most survive the sum of which is simply my experience and as I always say....wow, what a ride