Juli Vizza


Public bio

JULI VIZZA is currently producing two ITVS funded documentaries. NINE TO NINETY which follows 89 year-old Phyllis Sabatini as she wrestles with parting from her husband of 62 years to lighten the burden of care-taking from the daughter with whom they've been living. On XMAS WITHOUT CHINA she is both a co-producer and editor. The documentary follows Chinese immigrant Tom Xia who is inspired to challenge the neighboring Joneses to celebrate Christmas without Chinese products, triggering conflict, identity crisis and surprising intercultural exchange. In 2009 she produced her first music video for American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis and Tommy Boy Records, followed in 2010 by two new music videos for pop punk 80’s concept band, Hi-Fashion. Her first short film BILLY’S DAD premiered at the 2005 Sundance and screened at the TriBeCa Film Festival. In 2006 she produced her second short with Academy Award nominated director Stacy Sherman and Brie Turner -O'Banion, with actors Cheryl Hines and Gary Cole. Previous work, as a co-producer/editor includes the Showtime documentary feature SUNDAY DRIVER, about the history of low-riding and the culture of the oldest black car club in the country. Her consulting work on "Holy Land: Common Ground" spanned both editing and producing. Working in Sony’s Marketing department, Juli was responsible for creative and editorial production on publicity campaigns for THE DAVINCI CODE, for the US and International markets, as well as the 2006 Cannes Film Festival, and for other films including STRANGER THAN FICTION, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, ANGELS & DEMONS and JULIE and JULIA. Juli began her career in editing, working with teams on such films as FALLEN, JACK FROST, RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS and CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN. She edited feature films for writer/director Eugene Martin, such as EDGE CITY which premiered at the 1999 Berlin Film Festival and DIARY OF A CITY PRIEST a 2001 Sundance Film Festival selection. Juli went on to win an Emmy for the 2002 Winter Olympics.