Jennifer Nelson


Public bio

Jennifer Nelson is the President of Good Morning To You Productions, based in New York City. A visual artist, and athlete, Jennifer aspires to reveal our world with compelling imagery, with stories that incise triumph and despair.


Jennifer’s entrance into production followed an unconventional path. Subsequent to graduating with honors from U.C. Berkeley with a B.S. in Sociology and minor in Creative Writing, she pursued her passion for mountain biking and became a professional downhill racer on the televised Chevy National circuit. She competed in the inaugural ESPN X-Games, as well as specialty events on CBS.


In addition to racing, Jennifer was developing her story telling skills by writing sports stories for magazines and websites. At the height of her racing career, Jennifer was introduced to film and hired to be a stunt double in the IMAX film Everest, appearing in the dramatic opening sequence of the film. She was also featured as talent in an adventure series called Adventure Quest for OLN (now VS) and rode her bike to Mt. Everest Base Camp for a one- hour documentary.


Jennifer retired from mountain bike racing and attended Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and received an M.A. She has since been traveling the world filming in various genres including award winning; TV documentaries, feature documentaries, webisodes, and TV specials/content branding with subjects ranging from car racing, pregnant teenagers, underground tunnel workers, to arête, the philosophy of excellence.


Jennifer was the plaintiff in a high profile class action lawsuit, where she challenged Warner Chappell’s copyright claim to the Happy Birthday To You song. She was recently awarded a victory in the case, upsetting Warner’s copyright claim to the song. She is currently producing a feature documentary film about the songs past, present and future.


Jennifer strives to balance her creative and athletic life. She mountain bikes, snowboards, and is a dedicated Crossfit and Olympic Lifting athlete, competing in the annual Crossfit Open, and other local events. She is committed to adventure and exploring the art of story telling through images. Her goal is to make global impact through film and multi-media.