Jenna A. Bush

Little Silver, New Jersey, United States

Film Projects


I am a documentary editor and writer with experience in features, shorts, and docu-series. I consider myself an intuitive storyteller and emotional translator. I credit my neurodivergence for my ability to recognize patterns and connections in raw footage and weave them together in a way that feels effortless. My heightened sensitivities and background in music lend a powerfully emotional, almost musical flow, to my edits. My experience as filmmaker for nonprofits continues to fuel my work in post-production as well. To this day I approach each project the same - by deeply immersing myself into the subject matter to fully grasp its essence so I can then capture and translate that essence through the language of film. 

​I recently wrapped a 22-month venture as Writer/Editor on the feature FENCING FOR THE EDGE, which is currently in the film festival circuit. This was my second time writing and editing a feature, with MALLORY (Gravitas Ventures) being my first. I also recently enjoyed my time on a post-team as an Associate Editor for the feature PATRICE.  As a filmmaker, many of my short films have played in a variety of festivals and have received a handful of accolades over the years, including most recently a Best Editing award for HELLO TO JULIA. My shorts spotlight nonprofit organizations, usually disability related.