Jana Kadrevis

Prague, Czech Republic


Established in 2001, the Institute of Documentary Film is a non-profit organization that works to promote and foster East European creative documentary film. Our Activities: "EAST EUROPEAN FORUM":http://www.dokweb.net/en/east-european-forum The East European Forum is the region’s largest meeting of East European documentary filmmakers with Europe's and North America’s leading commissioning editors, distributors, buyers and film fund representatives. Directors and independent producers offer their projects for co-production, pre-sales or other forms of financial support. Since its foundation in 2001, the Forum has provided East European filmmakers with an alternative to the current practice of funding documentaries from public film funds and local broadcasters. After being pitched at the East European Forum, the projects receive support through our Follow-up Support, until their completion and entry into the East Silver Market. "EX ORIENTE FILM":http://www.dokweb.net/en/ex-oriente-film/ Ex Oriente Film is an international workshop dedicated to the development and funding of creative documentary films in Central and Eastern Europe. At three week-long residential workshops, participants in cooperation with established directors, producers, tutors, audiovisual experts and commissioning editors develop their documentary projects, search for funding, international partners and for new ways to successfully complete their films. After attending the Ex Oriente Film workshop, the projects receive support through our Follow-up Support, until their completion and entry into the East Silver Market. "EAST SILVER":http://www.eastsilver.net/en/east-silver East Silver is the first documentary market dedicated exclusively to Central and Eastern Europe. Its main goal is to provide an annual overview of new documentary releases, and to create a comprehensive catalogue and a digitized video library, accessible to a broad circle of film professionals - broadcasters, major film festivals, sales agents - throughout the year. East Silver's activities also include the East Silver Caravan, the East Silver TV Focus and the Silver Eye Award, all designed to provide distribution support. www.DOKweb.net www.DOKweb.net is a portal dedicated to East European documentary film. The news section provides up-to-date information on upcoming and just completed films, interviews with filmmakers and other documentary professionals, in-depth articles exploring the state of documentary filmmaking in various parts of the region, as well as insightful texts on current trends, funding, etc. The portal also boasts the largest published databases of completed and upcoming documentary films from Eastern Europe, an industry directory, as well as trailers and original video content. "CZECH DOCS PROJECT":http://www.dokweb.net/en/czech-docs The Czech Docs Project organizes a slate of support activities for Czech documentary film. On top of stimulating the development of documentary films, it also encourages documentary promotion and distribution. Its activities include regular seminars on current trends and subjects for Czech filmmakers and producers; the annual catalogue Czech Documentary Films and the Presentation of Upcoming Czech Docs, the latter two prepared in cooperation with the Czech Film Center. Working closely with the East Silver Market, we also submit selected Czech documentaries to major Czech and international film festivals. "DOCUMENTARY WORKS-IN-PROGRESS":http://www.dokweb.net/en/east-european-forum/industry-programme-works-in-progress-529 An annual presentation of several handpicked feature documentaries from Central and Eastern Europe. Festival programmers, distributors, sales agents, members of the press and audiences get the first glimpse of films in post-production slated for theatrical release over the next year. Included in IDF's Follow-up Support, the presentation replaces Docu Talents from the East, organized by IDF at the Karlovy Vary IFF until 2010.